I am using a temporary WordPress Site while I set up a more secure way of working. Sadly lots of Russians, Ukrainians, local residents and others seem very interested in me!

As this new way of working includes learning lots of Linux I may be a while!!

Snow On Stiperstones

My name is Alistair Bates and welcome to Silver Black Media, the way that I am spending my time in semi-retirement.

I have been making amateur videos since way back in the 1980’s starting with a Betamax camera and Sony F1. I have now moved onto using a range of cameras to create multi-camera videos.

I took up taking still images in about 2010 and although I now have a much better idea about composition I am still very much a hobbyist.

I have also been playing with computers since programming an American Football simulation on a Texas Instruments early computer. I have progressed through to using applications, databases and recently websites with a range of different tools. I am playing with this site to use different templates.

I have also developed sites for local charities and organisations.

This site is an attempt to link up a range of interests and other sites that I have added content to over the years.

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